Wildlife of Eastern Hokkaido

Ural Owl
The ural owl belongs to the wood owl species and tends to be a bit whiter in color than the average owl. This large owl have a round head, no ear-tufts, and a relatively long tail with a wedge-shaped tip
White-tailed Eagle
The white-tailed eagle is a large bird of prey that winters in eastern Hokkaido. There is also a small population of non-migratory white-tailed eagles that can be seen throughout the year. It is a designated natural treasure of Japan.
Blakiston’s Fish Owl
Blakiston’s fish owl is the world’s largest owl and one of the rarest birds in the world. It is extremely difficult to observe in it’s natural state. It is classified as an IUCN endangered species. It is also a designated natural treasure of Japan.
Steller’s Sea Eagle
The Steller’s sea-eagle is the heaviest known eagle and is often refered to as the world’s most magnificent bird of prey. It is a designated natural treasure of Japan and is an IUCN threatened species classified as vulnerable
Black Woodpecker
The black woodpecker is the largest of the piciformes birds in Japan and can grow larger than 46cm. The black woodpecker is a designated natural treasure of Japan.
Yezo Sika Deer
The largest species of sika deer in Japan. The yezo sika deer is indigenous to Hokkaido。Be sure to watch carefully for them when driving at night.
Sakhalin Fox
Also known as the ezo red fox. It is said they are the easily wild animal to encounter in Hokkaido. However, it is important not to feed them, as it may actually weaken them for the winter.
Hokkaido Squirrel
A species of squirrel native to Hokkaido. In the winter, they do not hibernate, so they can be seen year-round, even in the snowy winter.

Other Animals

Ezo Crested Kingfisher: A sub-species of the crested kingfisher that is native to Hokkaido

Ezo White-backed Woodpecker: A sub-species of the white-backed woodpecker that is native to Hokkaido

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Russian Flying Squirrel: Also known as the ezo flying squirrel, is a sub-species found in Hokkaido. They are a nocturnal animal and can sometimes be seen flying across the road.